Library Tours

Five-thousand-year-old cuneiform tablets, the oldest literary monument of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania – the 11th-century Turov Gospel, the first printed 15th-century books (incunabula), ancient Bibles and hymnals, charters of the Grand Duchy’s rulers, originals of state documents and old maps… The first instance of plagiarism in the Grand Duchy, the documentary heritage of Kristijonas Donelaitis, proclamations of Tadeusz Kościuszko… A letter to Augustinas Voldemaras from President Antanas Smetona, a map autographed to Jonas Basanavičius, the smallest and the largest book in Lithuania… All this and so much more is held in our Library. We are delighted to share information about the wealth of our collections. Would you like to see the documents and hear their history? This opportunity is just for you!

Everyone interested in the history of written culture can visit the palace of the Tyszkiewicz counts, nestled in the very heart of the city and housing the hundred-year-old Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. Assisted by a tour guide, you will be able to see the book collection Tadeusz Wróblewski had been amassing throughout his entire life, look around the reading rooms and view unique documents kept in the holdings of the Library.

Library tours are organized for groups of no fewer than five people and take one hour.

School students, college and university students and seniors: 1,00 EUR per person;
Group of fewer than 10 people: 2,00 EUR per person;
Group from 10 to 20 people: 1,50 EUR per person.

For library tours please contact:
+370 615 82 290

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