Bibliographic Services

Bibliographic services are available to all persons and institutions from Lithuania and other countries, regardless of whether they are registered users of the Library.

The service of compiling a literature list or a personal bibliography, and the service of editing bibliographic information are paid for (Services Price List).

Bibliographic services are provided:
in the Catalogues Room (Floor 1, Room 2);
in the Reference Reading Room (Floor 2, Room 19);
by telephone: +370 612 25189;
by e-mail:

Bibliographic consultations take place in the Catalogues Room and the Reference Reading Room. We perform the following bibliographic and factographic queries:

  • finding out or ascertaining location of a library item (in the Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences and other Lithuanian libraries),
  • ascertaining data of a bibliographic record,
  • performing subject searching,
  • performing factographic searching (for dates, places, personal names, word meanings, definitions, statistical data, etc.).

To answer the queries, we search for information in the Library’s electronic catalogue, card catalogues and files, subscription databases, and in the electronic resources of other memory institutions in Lithuania and other countries.

We also carry out searches in databases subscribed to by the Library, offer consultations regarding bibliographic records, and provide training on how to use the Library’s electronic catalogue.

On request from users, we perform searches for books, articles, other types of publications, and bibliographic data in the databases subscribed to by the Library. If a query is of a more general nature, we ask to narrow down the subject, the range of publication dates, and the time frame for delivery of the service.

Information retrieved from the databases is sent to the customer by e-mail.

Subject search results can be presented in the form of a literature list. Before carrying out this service, the following matters are discussed with the customer:

  • a time frame for delivery of the service;
  • the possible existence of an earlier literature list on the subject;
  • what sources on the subject have already been retrieved;
  • documents in what languages should be searched for;
  • what type of materials (scholarly, popular or socio-political) should be searched for;
  • which bibliographic standard or citation style should be used to format the references.

Depending on the subject and on the purpose of the list, searching can be performed in the material collections of the Library and/or in subscribed and open access databases.  After narrowing down the query, searching can be carried out in periodicals, encyclopedias, reference guides, and bibliographies.

A personal bibliography (biobibliography) is a list of works by and about a person. Before starting on the compilation of a bibliography, such matters as its structure, principles of selecting information, the degree of detail in bibliographic descriptions, and the time frame for delivery of the service are discussed and agreed upon with the customer. Bibliographies are compiled in accordance with the procedure for their compilation developed in the Library.

Literature lists and bibliographic indexes are edited based on the structure of a bibliographic description, which is discussed and agreed upon, in advance, with the customer and should be in accordance with the requirements of the bibliographic standard or citation style selected.