Research activities

The Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences is an academic library of state significance, a research, cultural and educational institution, and a center for the coordination and methodological support for the libraries in research institutes. As a custodian of copious collections of written heritage, the Library is an institution for research into the documentary heritage of the history of science and culture.

The goals of the Library as a research institution are as follows:

  • To carry out research in the fields of bibliography, library studies, documentary research, information, book studies and science studies;
  • To organize research conferences, seminars, and other scholarly events;
  • To participate in national and international research projects and programs;
  • To maintain international relations in research and collaborate with academic libraries, researchers, information services and other research and cultural institutions in Lithuania and other countries; to exchange experience and provide methodological support to library specialists in Lithuania and other countries;
  • To prepare research results and historical masterpieces of written culture and research for publication, publish and distribute them;
  • To prepare for publication and publish catalogues of the Library’s collections, retrospective and personal bibliographic indexes for various fields of arts and sciences in Lithuania, and to compile the national retrospective bibliography together with other libraries;
  • To develop the Library’s digital repository, electronic databases and catalogues;
  • To publish and distribute collected articles and monographs as well as informational, bibliographic, and methodological publications in relevant fields of research;
  • To collaborate with experts from other research institutions.