Bookbinding and Document Restoration Services

Paid bookbinding services are provided by the Documents Conservation and Restoration Department. Orders are placed by completing an order form at the place of service provision. The timeframe and price of a bookbinding service are agreed upon when the order is placed.

Paid document conservation and restoration services are provided by the same department only in special cases ((project activities, preparation for digitization, etc.)  The department carries out conservation and restoration of archival documents, books, maps, drawings, engravings, newspapers, and other objects of documentary heritage. The service offered are as follows: disinfection, dry cleaning, removal of stains and dirt, repair of fragments, reconstruction of fragments, straightening, preparation for storage, and other works necessary for stabilizing documents. Document conservation and restoration services are provided upon signing an agreement for provision of paid services.

Services Price List

For information and to place an order please contact by phone +370 616 92955 or e-mail