The Wroblewski Library of
the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences

Žygimantų g. 1, LT-01102 Vilnius, Lithuania
Telephone +370 5 262 95 37, E-mail

Paid services

Price list of services provided by the Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences  (approved 2019-07-04)

  1. Book order form
  2. Article order form
  3. Bookbinding order form
  4. Order for document material analysis

Bibliographic services

  • Compilation of bibliographic subject list (search for information, entering information into the list)
  • Editing of literature list
  • Compilation of bibliographic index
  • Compilation of archive certificates or substituting documents concerning land ownership or other matters.
  • Ordering documents from other libraries in Lithuania via interlibrary loan (ILL)
  • Ordering documents from foreign libraries via international interlibrary loan (IIL)


  • Xerox copying
  • Microfilming
  • Printing
  • Photography
  • Digitization

Book bindery

Other services

  • Film and TV filming on library premises
  • Loan of documents for exhibitions
  • Permission to publish engravings, photographs, manuscripts and other documents from library collections
  • Library tour
  • Use of conference hall or meeting room
  • Use of demonstration devices (projector and screen)

Information about the excursions at the library could be obtained from the Communication department.
+370 5 212 68 90 
2 floor, 25B room