The Wroblewski Library of
the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences

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katalogai Library Catalogue (all documents, except manuscripts)

Books, periodicals, electronic resources except manuscripts. Catalogue contains  records of all documents, acquired since 1995 tittles and older tittles are permanently adding too. 

Old books (XVI-XVIII centuries)

Lithuanian and foreign books from Rare book department collection.

Manuscripts Catalogue

Online catalogue (OPAC) for manuscripts and archive material from the Manuscripts department.

Exchange of Library materials

 Digital library


Books, manuscrips, old periodicals and other documents

This is a part of the digital repository of the manuscripts of early European music. Items held at The Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, their pictures and recorded music can be found here. Copies can be ordered on-line.

Parchments' Digital Images archive 
The present archive presents digital images of 121 parchments. The selected documents cover the earliest period: from 1187 to 1500.

Postcards Collection

Lithuanian towns and cities in postcards. (XIX-XX centuries).

Lituanistika. The database of humanities and social science in Lithuania

Science publications