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Lithuanian Academic Libraries Network

The aim of the project is to create the Virtual Library of Lithuania by carrying out automation of libraries, providing unified search of and access to electronic information resources and virtual services.

The tasks of the project are to automate libraries, combining them into a unified network, to provide online service, to compile databases of electronic resources, to create a uniform search system with unified user interface, to ensure high quality interfaces between libraries’ electronic catalogues and databases of electronic resources.

The Lithuanian Academic Libraries Network consists of 16 university libraries, 18 college libraries, the Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences and 39 libraries of state scientific institutes.


Development of the Virtual Electronic Heritage System

The project has been carried out since 2010. Its aim is to ensure the continuity in the development and spread of the digitized content of Lithuanian cultural heritage by maintaining the virtual electronic heritage system. The Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences  has committed to digitizing 9 002 objects.

Kristijonas Donelaitis: Bibliographic index

The project is implemented  in the frame of the project of the Lithuanian Traditions and Heritage Commission , funded from the state budget (The Ministry of Culture).

On January 1, 2014, the 300th birth anniversary of K. Donelaitis, the pioneer of Lithuanian fictional literature, will be celebrated. This year is to be included into the UNESCO 2014 Calendar of Commemorative Dates.

The project has been executed since 2010. The purpose of the project is to bring to light   and describe the heritage of Kristijonas Donelaitis (*1714–†1780), classic author of Lithuanian literature, to prepare for publication and publish the bibliographic index of his work. The publication will include Donelaitis’ writings published in various countries and languages, as well as Donelaitis’ bibliography and literature about him (books and articles). The extant archival documents will also be registered. The index is to contain 4 200 entries.

The executor of the project is The Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.

The participants are the Library of Kaunas University of Technology and the Lithuanian Community in the USA.


Translation of Latin and Greek heritage into  the Lithuanian language and the research database (With Vilnius University)